1. This program is designed to be intensive intervention for relationships in crisis. This requires that both partners are willing to take part in this process.  We will help you shift your relationship  in a new direction and to begin to help you identify where love is ready to anchor deeper in your experience together. We will help you get to the bottom of destructive patterns and behaviors that are keep you stuck in cycles of dysfunction, addiction and pain. Divorce is expensive and can tear everyone in the family apart. This process can be the very lifesaver you are looking for to help revive, restore and reveal deeper love and trust than you've ever experienced before!

- As a couple you will receive 6 weekly 60 minute sessions with Jason and Heather as a couple.

-  Each partner will receive 6 60 minute sessions with either Jason or Heather to support the unique requirements of men and women.

 - Text support

- Music, Blog and Meditations to support your relationship

- “Awakening Love Within” program included