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Rebirth Your Relationship

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You and the vast majority of us did not grow up with relationship training.

Even if you may have had some spiritual education, in most cases it really takes some healing, forgiveness, and rewiring our behaviors in relationship. From ages 0-8 in particular we take on so many beliefs, fears, and projections that carry out into our high-stakes relationships and until we face them head-on, they will continue creating patterns of conditioned love, co-dependence, bargaining, addiction, and eventually... shut down.


The Problem

Marriage and committed relationships are under attack like never before. The average marriage only lasts seven years and divorce is on the rise. Many people have lost faith in the idea of marriage altogether.

One of the biggest problems is that most marriage resources focus on "fixing" your spouse or yourself, which doesn't address the real issues underneath that create painful patterns and often leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless about your relationship.

Our approach is what we call "psychospiritual," which helps you heal and restore the roots of your love and understand the lessons your relationship can teach you, both individually and together as a dynamic duo and a force for change in the world!


Relationship Rebirth

Relationship Rebirth will help you:

  • Improve communication

  • Identify blind spots in your marriage

  • Deal with addictions and the trauma underneath them

  • Rebuild trust TOGETHER

  • Learn to honor and respect each other as individuals instead of expecting each other to change

  • Create intimacy through vulnerability rather than performance-based sexuality

  • Understand masculine and feminine dynamics and how to work together to heal the power struggles

  • Manage conflict with grace rather than anger or hurtful words

  • Develop your individuality to strengthen unity

  • Learn what your RELATIONSHIP purpose together is and begin to serve as partners

If you and your spouse are struggling right now, you have come to the right place!

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Doing the Work

Whatever you put your attention upon, there you will see results. A thriving relationship happens when you choose it fully and put the work in to have the love of your dreams!

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