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Our messes turned to messages...


When we came together almost a decade ago, we had both been through painful divorces that came with the fallout that is inevitable, even in the best of conditions. From the onset of our journey together, we put a stake in the ground and committed to ourselves and each other that we would, above all else, allow God to guide us through the underworld of our shadows and disowned aspects of ourselves. We wanted to learn how to love those most painful parts of us and become partners and advocates in each other's healing towards embodying our full potential and work in the world. 

This is how "Relationship Rebirth" was born! A journey to understand the dark side of love, addiction and codependency that would lead us back to the greatest love of all. The one between the parent and child inside that holds the keys to life, well being and wholeness. 

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  • Jason is a Licensed Healing Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living

  • Heather is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner through the Academy of Applied Psychology

  • Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification with Centre for Healing 

  • Facilitation for Addiction and Mental Health Life Recovery


  • Both Heather and Jason are ordained ministers

  • Both have thousands of hours studying relationship dynamics from both a spiritual and psychological framework from mentors like Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade on Evolutionary Relationships, the Gottman Institute, Jayson Gaddis and The Relationship School, The Inner Alignment Method (Ron Levy), and A Course in Miracles' "Holy Relationship" to name a few.

  • Together we have helped hundreds of folks just like you rediscover the love and purpose for which they came together!

  • Over a decade of being "down in the trenches" together learning, growing, and applying the work through healing childhood wounds and developing a new way of being in relationship. 

  • Helping each other be the best version of ourselves... and are still growing daily!

  • Focused Men's Work and Group Sessions

  • Focused Women's Work and Workshops


A little deeper...

Despite all the spiritual work we thought we were doing, we soon realized that we were not equipped with the right support and tools that could powerfully help us learn how to communicate through these painful places that often brought up shame and guilt. We also saw that many of the couples we knew were also struggling, so we set out to learn as much as we could about how relationships work and identify their true purpose!

As much as we loved each other, we really struggled to find a way to listen to each other beyond our own painful triggers and fears. Due to our inability to hold space for each other in a way we could both feel seen, valued and understood, this left us in an all-too-familiar loop of feeling connected one day, then hopeless and confused the next.

We soon recognized that when our relationship was not demonstrating peace and harmonious communication and connection, it really undermined all the other areas of our life and service.

You cannot be the change in the world if your partnership and family life are suffering behind the scenes. This is the FIRST CALL for any of us as our homes are the smallest forms of government and the greatest catalyst for birthing peace into the world!

Are you ready?

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