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Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a moment of your valuable time to get to know us a bit! Jason and I are both passionate about our work and service in the world and knowing that NOTHING is by accident, we consider it an honor that our paths have crossed!

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My Story

I am a devoted Life Partner and Wife, a Mother of two wonderful grown children, a grateful Step Mom and a very proud Grandmother (Grammie)!


I am also transformational Life Recovery and Relationship Coach, Educator and Group Facilitator specializing in relationships, Women's work, addiction, mental health, codependent dynamics and trauma recovery. My work crosses boundaries of age, race, gender, spiritual traditions and her clients have spanned from across the globe. I am devoted to the path of recovery on my own personal journey through the 12 Steps in CODA. Several years ago I created a program called “Sing Your Soul Awake”, an immersive somatic vocal empowerment program that supports trauma recovery, psycho-spiritual development, neural repatterning and integration. This program is built upon ancient sound healing practices working with the voice as a self healing instrument.


Training for the past decade across many disciplines including music, I currently hold certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the Academy of Applied Psychology, Trauma-Informed Therapist certified from the Center For Healing and Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician (RADT) from California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, Certified Relationship Coach from Transformation services, along with a passion for continuing education.

My passion comes directly from life experience and learning what I've personally needed to heal and grow. I believe that this approach has continued to give me a grounded perspective on how to support my clients in navigating the often painful maze through trauma, addiction, codependence and a deep longing to heal and embody connected, authentic and fulfilling relationships with yourself, with God as you understand and every other relationship in your life, particularly family and loved ones! 

You deserve to live relaxed, joyful and free no matter what life may bring. There is a part of you that only knows wholeness and that is the true and connected YOU to the Source of Love. I can help you uncover and remember that gift...and it is my honor.

If you'd like to hear my music or would like to know more about my Women's programs, I'd love to see you over at


I'm always delighted for connecting opportunities!


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